New Release – Ina Higher Region / Zion High

Now available from Keystone Records

Brand new release now available from Keystone Records !! For this 4th twelver after 1 year Keystone comes back to instrumental vibes – A side features Ina Higher Region, an uptempo riddim with uplifting melodica and B side features Zion High with meditative saxophone and binghi drums… both coming with dubwise cut… check it !!

Records and samples are available from our website and from usual record stores…

      « Ina Higher Region » as played by
         King Shiloh @ Paris Dub Station

Also available from Keystone Records

Keystone 3rd release on the Brimstone & Fire riddim… This 12″ features Daba Makourejah on vocals alongside Keystone Players and full horns section !! One vocal cut, one melodica/vocal cut, one instrumental and last the raw dub mix !!

       Brimstone & Fire as played by
     Blackboard Jungle Sound System
           @ Lyon Dub Station #1

First prods still available !!


Keystone Records is a french reggae label created to diffuse its own roots & culture productions. The label features several musicians, coming from wide horizons but united into the project to build their own home recorded dubwise ina roots tradition.

Dub Strider is Keystone riddim maker and producer. After years and years spent listening and collecting roots music, he started to build his own riddims. It is no surprise that Keystone sound stands under the influence of the founding fathers of roots music as well as the recent UK dub and sound system scene…

This is all about reggae music… love is the message !!

Keystone Players feature :

Cedric : Trombone
Greg : Alto Sax, Melodica, Keys
Raph aka Dub Strider : Bass, Melodica, Keys, Binghi & Percussions
Stan : Flute, Guitars

Special thanks to Antonin, and to Erwan for artworks.

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